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Sunday, October 4, 2009

How do you declutter ?

answer :

Every week , the day before garbage day I take a huge garbage Bag and check every room for anything to throw out I start w/the garbage that I have in each bedroom and I then look in the closets for anything I can discard .. old t`shirt ? socks with holes ? old magazines ? ..My goal is to always discard 1 large garbage bag per week and if I cannot fill the bag that means no new items can be brought into the house for  that week . To meet my goal, once in a while I`ll  include the garage .

Further decluttering:
Every 4 months I`ll go through everyone`s closets to see how many items are not being used and that I can give away to good will

keeping up with the decluttering on a regular basis becomes so rewarding to me .

I have started doing this a few years ago and have always been able to fill my bag without a problem . How do you declutter ? Do you have a tip ? please share your thoughts .

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