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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How to remove stains ???

Okay a few weeks ago I had a graduation party for my son and I found that the red cake decoration ended up on my family room carpet ... what to do ? what to do ???  ... I tried a damp cloth w/soap and rubbed it and rubbed it and rubbed it some more and before I new it the 2 inch spot trippled in size !!!! 

a few days later I decided to use my favorite spot remover .... PEROXIDE !! thats right good old cheap PEROXIDE ! :) I just saturated it and then rubbed it with the bottom of my shoe and it was like magic ! No signs that there ever was a stain there . I think this works for like 99 % of stains... on clothing  the key is you pour it on and just let it dry ... you can`t pour it on and then just throw it in the wash ... let it just sit till its all dry again then go ahead and wash as usual.... sometimes it needs a little rub or 2 treatments before it is totally gone but it sure beats buying new clothes just because of a little  sauce stain .

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