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Friday, August 28, 2009

Annoying call to my cell

I have been getting a call from an 800 number for over 1 1/2 years now ... They keep asking for someone other than me and this is my cell number ..They keep telling me that they have called Sprint and have verified that this is her number, welll duh !!  Anyway they are now not only calling me once a day but up to 8 times a day .. I try to ignore it but at times just grab my phone and tell them to f_ _ _  themselves and how many times do I have to tell them there is no one by that name here on my cell other than me !???  still they keep calling and calling ... are they out to kill me of high blood pressure ??? We should be able to sue these people for what they are doing to us mentally . This 800 number that calls me is out there on the web and many people are beeing called from them and if you call them back on the number for some reason you can`t get through .  If you are being harrased  like this ...The best thing is to ignore them ..ignore them .. ignore them ... after 7 years of harrassing you they will finally stop . Thats right  you have to wait 7 years till they stop ....hopefully  President Obama can fix this for us ??   HELLLP! I could understand them having the right to harrass me if I had a debt with them but this is totally ridiculous . How does one go about proving to them that they got the wrong number ?? And why would anyone even want to waste their time when its not even them that they are asking for  ?  IGNORE , IGNORE , IGNORE ,

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