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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Going green around the Holidays

If you thought going green around the Holidays was going to be hard just look around you and think for a minute and save a tree !

wrapping presents can be fun , easy and GREEN !  Have you ever thought of using newspaper comics to wrap a present in ? be creative and make a matching bow .

If you have fabric around , use it to wrap presents .

Kids art work from school would be great to wrap grandparents presents , they would be thrilled !

Old maps would also be great for wrapping.

clothing is also a fun way to wrap ... If you have something tubular , a pair of socks would be especially fun to wrap and receive.

Old Christmas/birthday/anniversary cards can be cut up with pinking shears to make new tags for this years presents.

Any other ideas ???


  1. I have done these before . I do the cards all the time . How about decorating with leaves ? glueing them on the boxes ?

  2. I`ll have to remember that one ! but i don`t think I have any leaves left around my house . landscapers were here last week and cleaned up everything.