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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Money saving tip(laundry)

As I was doing my laundry today , I wondered how many of us ladies think of how much electric we waste when doing the laundry . I was in the habit of doing 1 load of  laundry every day to make it easier on me . 

My new way of doing the laundry is making sure I have 2 full loads to be ready for the wash at once .  Not only will you save.. water, electric, and soap  by doing less loads per week if your loads are full!, but you will also be saving on your electric bill by running your dryer one load after the other so that the dryer does not have time to cool off before your next load goes in . Also clean your lint AFTER EACH LOAD !! Your clothes will dry alot faster . Clothes should be shook piece by piece as you put them in the dryer .  If your clothes took 40 minutes to dry before  , following these steps will dry them in 20 to 30 minutes ! 

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