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Thursday, November 5, 2009


It seams that this is the time of year when we all start to stress over the Holidays .   I find that if I make mental notes in my head early in advance I can get through the Holidays enjoying myself more and stressing a whole lot less.

For starters , it is still weeks before Thanksgiving so of course we have plenty of time to prep! before the day arrives .. I start by prepping things for my table , I want to make a turkey centerpiece this year so this is the time to get started on that . I make a mental note of how many tables & chairs I`ll be needing so that if I need someone to bring me chairs , I`ll know it in advance. I make sure that all my table cloths are clean and ready to use .
This is when I start to write up my menu and I make a list of Items that I will need for my recipes and any paper good that I will need , then the week before the Holiday I will check my list against my pantree and mark off anything I have already bought and have on hand .
One week before Thanksgiving I`ll be baking my pies , and setting my tables .

Okay so the plan is all set now lets see if it goes smooth ! From my past experience it always goes smooth ! I won`t have it any other way !  :)

Lets not forget what Thanksgiving is all about . Give thanks to everyone and let us all enjoy our time together with friends and family .

PEACE TO ALL, and Thank you for reading ,


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