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I am a Jill of all trades , SAHM and lover of all crafts. I think my middle name is Creating :) Each day I try to invision some new detail or put together some stiches I have never done before for a new look. I can`t wait to see what tomorrow will bring . Feel free to leave a comment and let me know how I am doing.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stay at Home Mom

Being a stay at home mom , 
I think we are so unappreciated. As soon as I tell someone I am a stay at home mom their reaction is  ``oooh so you don`t do anything ``... `` go out and do something !`` .. `` your lazy`` When I hear all the negative responses I just don`t even feel like wasted my time trying to explain why I do what I do . I am raising my children and teaching them . what better job is there ?  I am proud of doing what I`m doing with my life. I want to live my life taking care of my family. There is no greater reward in life than that.

Having a routine  and keeping things organized is very important to me because it helps me with  my sanity. Knowing that I accomplished something is very rewarding, by the end of the week I am looking forward to the next while other people can`t wait till their week is over .

Getting in touch with my creative side has been a blessing to me ... weather it is my crocheting, painting, blogging  or just fixing things around the house . Just getting my mind off  of family and having some ``me time `` I am always looking out for what projects to do next .

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