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Monday, September 28, 2009

Imagination - Fireburning

My husband wrote this in our sons chronicle and I just had to share .

Imagination - Fireburning

I have sung lullabies to Ady since he was a baby... favorites being 'jeevan se bhari', 'tomebo mataso pita tomebo', 'whenever i see your smiling face', 'om namah shivaya'... all of a sudden since he turning 8, he does not want to hear Mom or Dad sing. He is into music now, wants the radio on all the time , faves being 'Let it rock', 'goofy goober rock', 'In the end'... A current favourite is 'Fireburning' and when the song comes on in the car, Mom and Dad break into the chorus.. he cannot stand it :) holds his ears.

Nowadays, when i put him to bed.. we play question time.. i ask a set of math, science, history, geography questions. The last question is a 'imagination - what would you do if...' question. So one night, the question is "Imagine you are in a ship that is sinking, you can get out in a life boat to a small island, no one else is there... What are the 5 things you'll take with you? "

Ady - "Food(chips), Axe to cut down trees, Flashlight... a book to read as i will get bored.. and game boy... hmmm maybe no book but another set of games....What about you daddy?"

Indi - "Knife, a mirror for signalling, a book, a solar powered radio, and a picture of you, Ady... When i get bored, i will look at your picture, turn the radio on and sing along to "Fireburning"

"Awwww nooooooooo!!!" :)

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