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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hair Loss

This is the back of my head after  a few months of using pure henna  My original hair color is jet black with a few grays

They had a lot of gray on the front side ,  as you can see it looks orange , this is after only 1 application , after a few more applications it will  darken and  make the color richer . Each time Henna is applied it ads a layer therefore the color keeps getting darker .

I am in my 40`s and I had decided it was time to color my hair . I also had noticed that my hair was falling   more than the usual yearly shedding .

After coloring my hair , even more hair was falling out ...If I ran my fingers through my hair my hand would be full of hair each time .  I started to panic when I looked in the mirror one day and I could start to see my scalp ! I had always had a thick head of hair .

I started to do a lot of research on the Internet to try to find a product that would help me with the thinning hair issue. , That's how I came upon an article for pure henna ... no color added , just pure henna powder ... I buy it in a small box , pour it in and squeeze bottle add a small container of lemon juice you can buy in the supermarket or squeeze a fresh lemon ..add warm water till it gets to a thick pancake batter consistency . put it on the hair just like you would with hair color and wrap it in plastic . leave in your hair for at least 2 hours .  then just wash out . The Henna will look green on the hair .. don`t panic ! that's normal.

I have not had any more hair fall out ... I try to do the henna once a month , but unlike hair color pure henna can be used as often as you like .  They also have henna shampoo but for someone loosing as much hair as I was , Pure henna is far better for thinning hair.

Pure henna will give a red color to your hair ... the 1st time you use it it will look orange then with each new application the color will get richer and more of a red tone ... It works in layers . I have black hair with very little gray ... so the gray hairs get a golden tone while my black hair will get a red tone especially when the sun hits it . instant highlights :) .... If you have a lot of gray I am not sure what you will end up with .... Its worth trying and experimenting .

Henna smells like cut grass to me .I am not so crazy about the smell but I use shampoo that has a heavy scent to mask the grassy smell .

If you are having hair loss issues , I highly recommend trying pure henna ... if you use the henna with color that is the same as any other hair color so your hair may still fall out ... ONLY PURE HENNA will work best for hair loss.

Very messy so wear old clothes and wash any spots you drop before it stains the area permanently .  Wear gloves , If you get any on the skin ,wipe it off with soap , If you leave it on for to long it will stain you for a week or 2 then the stain will fade away . That's what I call `` instant tattoo``.

If you need more info leave me a comment and I`ll get back to you .

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